For Signing Up For the FREE Chair Yoga Class


I do Chair Yoga classes on:

  • Tuesday's at 9:00 am EST

  • Thursday's at 9:00 am EST

All classes are done through and this software is free to download.  

I will send you both links and you can determine which class works for your schedule!!

Once you have downloaded, click on the link within the body of the email, about 10 or 15 minutes prior to class, and I will appear on your computer screen!

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 I have a membership site called: 

 "Inspire Encourage Empower"

What is this membership site?

My goal in creating this site was to Inspire, Encourage and Empower you to believe in yourself. When you start believing in YOU and trusting in yourself...

It means you will succeed in spite of what others think. It means you will not be side tracked by the naysayers or held back by doubters.

It also means you will have unshakeable faith and you will achieve your goals and push through any obstacle or challenge in your way.

Trusting in yourself, YOUR talents and YOUR abilities is key in staying positive, developing your confidence, self-esteem and courage.

Remember: This is what makes you extraordinary!! Your thoughts become words and your words become your actions.  My promise is to help you improve your mindset, build your confidence, encourage you to  take action and dream BIG again!  

This membership site has 8 different categories filled with audios, videos and worksheets.  I am adding new content each month to grow the libraries in each of these categories.

✅ Guided Meditations

✅ Building Confidence

✅ Chair Yoga Routines

✅ Motivation and Inspiration

✅ Goals and Time Management

✅ Health and Wellness

✅ Daily Inspiration
✅ Career Development

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