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Hi I'm Cheri

Most of my clients who engage with my one-on-one services have a lot of similar issues.  They work hard juggling family, career, home and relationships.  On the outside, everything appears stable and they are seen as strong, confident men / women who have it ALL together.  However, on the inside they are experiencing and feel:    

Fear of Failure

Unconsciously sabotage their chances of success and convince themselves they are not worthy to receive the abundance in their life.


Feeling the need to please everyone and not measuring up to their own standards.


They play "Superwomen" feeling they can do it ALL, instead of asking for help.

Lack of Commitment

Attached to comfort, safety, and simplicity.  They allow fear to take control and paralyze their effort to move forward.   

Loss of Confidence

Thinking they not worthy to be happy and settle for "good enough".  Inevitably creating a self-perpetuating cycles of stress and anxiety and never reaching their goals or dreams.

So if YOU are: 


  • Stuck in a rut and not sure what you next step should be...

  • Unhappy with your current career and longing for a needed change...

  • Tired of living life on someone else's terms that leaves you feeling unfulfilled...

  • Struggling to stay focused on your goals...

  • Feeling paralyzed by your daily responsibilities with no time for yourself...

  • Having sleepless nights filled with stress and anxiety

  • Lacking direction and passion...

  • Craving freedom and flexibility but not sure where to start...

No Worries... Because you now have someone who is willing to help you get over the mountain top!

So Are You Ready To Step "Outside Your Comfort Zone" Skyrocket Your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Ignite Your Passion? 

  I am thrilled you made your way here!  

Imagine creating a life where you overcome insecurities, build a healthy self-esteem level, restore your confidence and ignite your passion.

It's Absolutely Awesome!!


  • Worry is replaced by optimism

  • You have a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for life

  • You feel motivated about your future

  • You improve your focus, time management and productivity

  • You break from limited beliefs holding you back

  • You become focused on what is important

  • Create a Life You Love!




  • Feeling “good enough” regardless what obstacle or issue comes across your path

  • Where you believe in yourself, look past your failures and have the perseverance to make the change

  • Bypass your inner-critic voice and understand you have the power to transform your story

  • Building your confidence, self-esteem and discover your inner power.

  • Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots that maybe sabotaging your success.

  • Where You Decide, You Create and You Craft your own future

  • Have the courage to ask for support instead of feeling like your on an island by yourself

  • Gain Courage to SHINE!

Here's Is What We Will Do Together

  • Create a vision of your ideal life by gaining clarity about what is important to you
  • Improve your focus and productivity by taking action
  • Break free from limited beliefs and stop the negative chatter
  • Get clear about your values, dreams, and heart’s desire
  • Find out what’s in the way and how to remove those blocks
  • Be proactive, set up action plans, and have accountability
  • Get unstuck and overcome procrastination 
  • Stop the guilt and regrets
  • Create an action plan to fulfill you life's desire
  • Unlock your highest potential
  • Rediscover yourself
  • Gain fulfillment in a Life You LOVE!

If you are ready to commit, take action, face your fears and gain clarity... then let's do this together.  It's time to begin living a FEARLESS, DARING, COURAGEOUS Life!

Let's Get Started - Today!

 Remember:  It Takes Action TO Gain Traction! 


"Cheri took the time to listen and understand my passions and difficulties. Light was shed on areas that have been slightly grey. Talking with her reignited ideas that had been pushed aside when life got in the way. Her advice is solid and she can relate with her past experiences, offering guidance from them. Cheri will give you the boost you require to go fourth with new energy."   

​​~Antoinette, Antoinette's Boutique

"Our Life Coaching session definitely was a positive experience.  No matter where you are or what stage in life you are approaching, each one of us has something to be thankful for. I   appreciated her guidance, knowledge and motivation.  I will definitely keep trying my best and take baby steps to keep moving forward."

 ​~Preethi Desai, Entrepreneur

"She made the entire process enjoyable while asking the right questions which triggered me to take action.  She pays close attention to the details and helps you have a clear vision of your path. Thank you so much for helping me brake down my tasks into manageable, achievable goals."

​~Rachel, Physician of Health & Wellness

"Cheri provided me with the motivation to improve my lifestyle and attitude, but she also supplied me with tips and tools to implement.   After listening to Cheri's personal story, advice for overcoming obstacles, and how to adopt an optimistic mindset, I have made leaps towards a more healthy, balanced, and positive lifestyle."   

~Ariana, Sigma Kappa Alpha Mu Chapter

"Cheri channels her life's lessons into an inspirational ewebinar that not only motivates you to be your best but also provides practical tools to guide you towards your future goals.

​~Laura, Engineer Project Manager

"Cheri's teaching style  is very  educational and motivating.  I was able to learn stress management techniques I can apply both at work and at home. Here enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic inspired me to take action.

~Charles, Systems Engineer

"I met Cheryl Schultz through another business associate a few years ago. Cheryl and I were speakers at an event that honored senior citizens. Her passion is contagious and her ability to connect with people is amazing. I had no knowledge that she was also a yoga instructor. After her encouraging and motivation speech she then led them in chair yoga that blew my mind. To see the smiles and the way she interacted with all of them was something to witness. I can’t give a high enough recommendation for Cheryl as a person and a true professional."

~Daniel, National Sales Director,MWR Life

 Honor Your Dreams 

If you don’t honor your dreams it will frustrate you every day. 

Trust me, the palpable void in your soul...trying to get your attention won’t go away, no matter how you try to distract yourself.

There is only one life you have, don’t let it slip by without making your mark! 

Life’s is too short!  Do the work you LOVE and what YOU are meant to do.

There’s a Leader Within You Waiting To Emerge!


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